Cold patch require everything be done perfectly, or the patch would leak, and after a period of water and speeding rotation of tire, the patch could peal off.

Hot patch actually is the best way to repair a tire puncture, but it demands high performance of machine and technical, the tire would be deadly burned and deformed when temperature is not controlled precisely.

Mushroom plug & self-vulcanizing string strips enlarge puncture when applying. After lubricating oil dries, plug & string became aged, harden, or get loose when hit by objects, leading to air leak again. When you have three plug in one puncture, the tire is dead.

While with tire sealant, it does not enlarge the puncture size, last longer than cold patch, do not need to heat the tire under risk and burn out or deformation. You just need to install tire sealant, as long as you have it in your tire, it will seal almost every puncture you got on the tread area permanently for repeated times. You do not have to walk your motor to repair shop and spend extra time to have a traditional repair that might leak very soon. So why not use tire sealant? It worth it only to have 3 punctures sealed with one-time installation.