Qiangbao Tire Sealant

Qiangbao tire sealant is one of the popular sealant market inthis auto parts line in china.

We have tested qiangbao tire sealant can seal motorcycle tubeless up to 10mm, it made with rubber particles and other special materials, so it can seal puncture bigger than other tire sealant, Qiangbao is also made with an anti-freezing material that will work well in minus 45 degree.

Stan No Tube

Stan’s tire sealant is one of the most popular sealants on the market. We’ve always heard many riders refer to a generic tire sealant as Stan’s, because it really was the original high-performance sealant specifically formulated for bikes. It’s made with a low-viscosity liquid, so it can easily work its way around a tire, and it uses sealing crystals to seal punctures. Stan’s is also made with an anti-freeze material that will allow it to stay liquid in temperatures as cold as -30 degrees Fahrenheit.