Inform tire repair specialist that tire inflator was used in tire and share warnings listed on this can.

Do not weld or attempt repair without first removing tire from rim. Never inflate tire with pure oxygen.

Failure to follow recommendations could result in injury and/or explosion.

The Cautions of Aerosol Tire Inflator:

Use only as directed. This product is a TEMPORARY repair. Have tire inspected and repaired by a tire care professional as soon as possible to ensure safety and proper cleaning of tire pressure sensor, if so equipped. We recommend treated tire be repaired within 3 days or 100 miles after use of our product.

Do not over-inflate. Add addition air if necessary. Do not use on any vehicle with less than four tires. If used in “Z-rated” tires, be sure to check tire pressure before driving.

This product will not repair valve leaks, sidewall punctures or punctures larger than 3mm. This product will not repair a tire that is separated from the rim.

Keep far away from exhaust pipe when using.


Store can in trunk or spare tire wheel well or other cool and dry place. Do not store in vehicle interior or direct sunlight. Di not expose to heat or store at temperatures above 50℃ .