The best way to infuse tire sealant into tire is that prefilled into the tire before puncture, when there are punctures happened to the tire tread area, under the forces from air pressure and vehicle weight, the special sealing particles( in shapes of strips, flakes, grains & powder) and filming  agent rapidly rush towards the puncture, clog and block the puncture, then dry and form sealing plug, permanently seal the puncture and stop air leaking.

How Do I Apply Tire Sealant?

Pump the sealant into the tire through the valve core opening without a jack supports the weight of the vehicle or implement. Following your owners manual and the instructions on the tire sealant packaging, determine how many millimeter of sealant are needed per tire. Note, however, that putting in less material than recommended will limit efficacy as the tire doesn’t contain enough sealant to stop a puncture.

Be sure to check the pressure of and balance the tires after applying tire sealant. If the sealant puddles in the bottom of the tire, it may cause imbalances when moving at higher speed or over uneven terrain.

Limitations of Tire Sealant

Remember—some sealants work only with tubeless tires and cannot be used with tube-type tires.


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