Will QiangBao® Tire Sealant causing balance problem?

As for vibration problem occurs with 4 wheelers, it is common problem for all water-based tire sealant. We tested slime, ours and other sealants, turned out all have effects on car balance when speed exceeds like 80km or 110km, depends on car type, volume installed. we have detailed test reports.

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I have low profile tires, can I use QiangBao® Tire Sealant?

Yes, QiangBao® Tire Sealant can be used in any tires, but sealing performance decreas on low profile tires.

Please use QiangBao® Tire Sealant only as an emergency repair on any passenger vehicle tire. A passenger vehicle tire treated with QiangBao® Tire Sealant should be taken to a tire repair shop

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How does QiangBao tire sealant work?

Qiangbao tire sealant must be prefilled into the tire before puncture, when there are punctures happened to the tire tread area, under the forces from air pressure and vehicle weight, the special sealing particles (in shapes of strips, flakes, grains & powder) and filming agent rapidly rush towards the puncture,

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