Warnings be read before using Tire Sealant

  1. Must shake this sealant evenly up & down before application.
  2. Do not mix with any other self-sealing agent or water.
  3. This sealant must be prefilled into the tire before the punctures.
  4. If you want to use this product after puncture, you have to spot the puncture and rotate tire or

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How to use Tire Repair Kit 3 in 1?

Proper Use:

tire repair kit manual

  • Remove any puncturing objects.
  • Insert rasp tool into hole and slide up and down to roughen and clean inside of hole.
  • Remove plug material from protective backing and Insert Into eye of needle.
  • Insert with plug centered in the eye of the needle into puncture until plug is

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User Manual for Aerosole Tire Inflator


  1. Rotate puncture to 6 o’ clock position.
  2. With Can upside down, shake Can for 30 sec. Do not remove puncturing object.
  3. Attach nozzle to valve.
  4. Keep Can upside down, take off button cap and press the button.
  5. Infuse aerosol inflator into tire until can is empty and rim

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Install Instruction for 4L QiangBao® Tire Sealant

4L manual -2
1. Position valve core in upper half of tire. (with valve stem at the 3:00 or 9:00 position)
2. Remove valve core with tool in cap and fully deflate the tire, Remove object if there’s any.
4L manual -1
3. Invert and shake the sealant bottle evenly up and down for 30 sec.,

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