As for vibration problem occurs with 4 wheelers, it is common problem for all water-based tire sealant. We tested slime, ours and other sealants, turned out all have effects on car balance when speed exceeds like 80km or 110km, depends on car type, volume installed. we have detailed test reports. for two-wheelers, not vibration issue.

So, if you are driving at high speed and the road condition is good, rarely got punctures, you do not need tire sealant pre-installed, you can have some bottle and pump stored in the car and use it when you had a flat. For those driving at moderate speed and got punctures often, pre-installation of tire sealant is really a good choice, since it saves you a lot of time and trouble.

Test result as below, for detailed test report, pls contact us.

Test CarVolumeFill inSpeedEffect
Nissan Sedan Car500mltwo front tires120km/hEverything Normal
Nissan Sedan Car500mltwo rear tires100km/hA little vibration.
Nissan Sedan Car500mlFour tires80km/hA little shaking