Our QiangBao Tire Sealant is formulated with rust and corrosion inhibitors as well as a pH buffer making the product neutral. All of these ingredients work to protect the integrity of your rim. It is important to note there are factors which can allow damage to occur in spite of this. If you want to err on the side of caution, you can use QiangBao as a roadside repair. All you need is QiangBao tire sealant and an air compressor! Despit of our advanced formula upgrade, QiangBao might have an adverse effect on certain types of aluminum rims. Because alloys differ, it is difficult to predict how QiangBao will react with your rims specifically. Over the years, though, we have found that older rims are more susceptible to damage from tire sealant. Do not leave QiangBao Tire Sealant inside your tires for more than 6 months. After that time, we cannot guarantee the integrity of your rims. If pre-existing damage is present, we do not recommend using QiangBao Tire Sealant.