When drivers first discover aerosol tire inflator, it helps a lot, but can’t replace a spare tire.

Aerosol tire inflator can be used to quickly and easily repair a flat within 3mm, and without changing the tire. These products come in a pressurized can, while there are numerous advantages to using such a product should you get a flat tire, there are also some potentially negative consequences that you should be aware of prior to use.

The Advantages of Aerosol Tire Inflator
One of the greatest advantages of using a canned aerosol tire inflator is convenience. You simply attach the nozzle of the can to the tire valve stem and press the button. The foam will rapidly expand to inflate the tire so that you can keep on driving. Besides, the foam can gradually become gas and sealing material, which can evenly spread over the surface the inner tire and foam a leak proof film to block the small puncture. This entire process takes only three minute or five. This is especially appealing for people who do not want to take the time to put on a spare tire, or whose car does not have a spare.

The Disadvantages of Aerosol Tire Inflator
These aerosol tire inflator do not permanently repair the tire, it is only for emergency use, the tire must still receive a traditional patch to be suitable for long term use.

How to Use Aerosol Tire Inflator
This type of product is only meant to help you out in an emergency situation. And the best way that you need to make your way to a repair facility as soon as possible.