350ml QiangBao® Anti-Freezing Tire sealant
350ml Anti-Freezing Tire sealant for motorcycle

350ml QiangBao® Anti-Freezing Tire sealant instantly and repeatedly repairs Motorcycle tread area punctures up to 10mm in diameter using our self-own sealing formula, successfuly seal 85-99% of punctures and flat in tubeless and tube tires.
(Note: Seal tubeless tire permanently, seal tube tire only for emergency, need an traditional repair)
Stays liquid in tire for 10+ months.
Seals multiple punctures repeatedly for more than 50 times.
Works betweeen temperature from -22C° to 90C°
Became freezed below -22C°, but abel to restore to liquid form around 10C°
(For OEM order, we can adjust freez point from -45C° to -5C° on customer’s request)
Non-corrosive to tire or rim.
Extend tire durability.
Non-adhesive to tube.
Easy to clean with water.
Upgraded bottle nozzle.
Shelf-Time: 3 years

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